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Houston Analytics Oy - Warehousing with AWS

Business Challenge
Houston Analytics is a leading European provider of advanced analytics skills and solutions. They excel not just at data science, but at delivering the results of analysis as fully operational, automated solutions. Houston’s vertical solutions embed analytics seamlessly into customers’ business processes, delivering improved outcomes and increased returns, one decision point at the time.To provide solutions to customers Houston needed a cloud provider that has all the necessary components in production. Houston’s solutions and services must be highly available and easily scalable on a global scale.


Houston has implemented a highly automated infrastructure which simplifies the development and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure. Besides regular EC2's and S3 the infrastructure includes components for data warehousing and analysis. Cloud2 is working hand-in-hand with Houston to develop and maintain the infrastructure which makes life easier for both parties; Houston can rely on Cloud2's ability to provide development ideas and an excellent SLA to the services which allows Houston to focus on their own core business needs.

AWS services provide Houston the reliability that they demand when providing their own solutions and services to their customers. Cloud2 as an Managed Service Partner enhances that by providing Houston a direct line for support and cloud specialists.

Next step
Houston and Cloud2 will work together to develop the infrastructure. Both parties aim to develop the level of automation, information security and for example serverless solutions.