Taimer Oy - Business with AWS


Business challenge
Taimer is a unique all-in-software for professional services companies. In our globalisation we needed a scalable solution for cloud platform to be able to support low latency and stable services for our customers in Europe, Australia and US. Our earlier cloud solution were built on hosted private cloud located in Finland which prevented us to provide good enough performance to our over seas customers. Also maintaining earlier solution were time consuming for our developers and were not able to scale when peak performance were needed.

With Cloud2 we designed an AWS architecture based on kubernetes containers running in AWS where we have two sites where one running in Europe and another in US. Maintenance, development & security will be provided by Cloud2 which gives more time for our development to focus on developing the software rather than maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

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Today we are fully ready for our global expansion with our direct sales and partner channel like T-Mobile in US. Our cloud infrastructure is as modern as it can be considering today’s technologies and gives us a Ferrari type of platform for our development, security and performance for our customers for many years forward. With Cloud2 we can also be sure that the latest developments for AWS, industry standards and security related capabilities and requirements are in place in our platform and we can provide customers good SLA and performance by using our software to run their business.

Next step
As a next step we are planning to implement third site in APAC for the Australian and New Zeeland customers in the near future and…...

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